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PA Commander is an incredibly versatile unit that can meet any of your automatic announcement needs quickly and effortlessly. Below are some suggested applications to get your creativity flowing.

PA Commander hooked up to...

User Input Triggers
  • A doorbell to announce: "Visitor at front entrance"
  • A push button to announce: "Help requested in paint department"
  • An alarm button to announce: "Emergency, fire on level 3"
Fixed Announcements
"Company Meeting at 9 AM"
"Store closing in 15 minutes"
"Lunch ending in 10 minutes"
Detection Inputs
  • Changes in current temperatures in refrigerator or freezer within a restaurant or industrial environment
  • Motion Sensing:
    Add security in parking lots or restricted areas: "This is a restricted area. Do not enter"
    Detect a window or door left open/unlocked for building security: "Window unlocked in room 12"
    "Activity is detected on the roof"
    Entry and Exit: "Vehicle entering the garage"
  • Other Sensors to Announce:
    "Warning, water is detected in utility room"
    "Warning, humidity is too low in the shop"
    "Refrigerator door open for more than 3 minutes"
    "Ventilation fan has been off for more than 15 minutes"
    "Compressor has been running for over an hour"
Software Integrated and Non-Fixed Messages
"Company website is down"
"Unit now out of stock"
"Congratulations, X number of sales were made today"
  • PA Commander can also be used on an as needed basis. By simply going to the unit's website, you may enter in a phrase to be announced immediately.
The possibilities are endless. If you would like to see your application listed on our website, please submit your ideas to us at sales@ccsinfo.com. Please check back regularly for an updated list of ideas.
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