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What is PA Commander?
PA Commander is an Automatic Announcement System that is ideal for communicating messages automatically. It works with PBX and/or PA systems. The PA Commander can be used in existing systems or new designs in business, factory, office, school, hotel, or warehouse environments.

How does PA Commander work?
The PA Commander unit is connected to up to 8 input sensors of your choice that can be configured in a number of different ways. When a signal is detected, the specific message is announced over a PA or PBX (Phone) system to alert you of important information. The messages are determined by you and programmed to the unit via a web-based utility provided by PA Commander.

Where can I buy PA Commander?
PA Commander is sold through distributors or can be purchased directly from CCSaccess.com.

To see a listing of our distributors, Click Here.

If you are looking to become a distributor, please contact our sales department at (262) 522-6500 x35 or via e-mail: sales@ccsinfo.com.

To purchase through CCSaccess.com, Click Here.

Can I easily install and set-up PA Commander?
Yes! PA Commander comes with everything you need for easy installation. There are a step-by-step installation instructions and a users guide for programming messages. All mounting hardware and cables are included. All you need to determine is how many and which inputs to hook up to the 8-input 16-pin connector.

PA Commander can be mounted on the wall to conveniently plug in the cables to the PBX or PA system. Start by wiring your sensor inputs into the 16-pin connector and plug it into the top of the unit. Use the 4-pin connector to connect the amplifier and audio speakers of your system and/or the PBX cable to connect the PA Commander to the phone system. Also included is an Ethernet cable that can be plugged into any network jack for programming via the PA Commander website. Lastly, the unit is easily powered by the enclosed wall adapter.

Programming your messages is even simpler- just go to any computer connected to the network that PA Commander is connected to and type in the default IP address provided in the user manual. A web page will open for configuring and programming your PA Commander.

Where do I get the web pages to program PA Commander?
The web pages are stored in the PA Commander's internal memory when you receive it. There is a default IP address that will be provided where you can locate the pages. The PA Commander allows you to change its network settings to allow it to work on any network. There is no software needed!

How much does PA Commander cost?
The suggested retail price is $450.00. However, this product is only sold by Distributors. Please contact your nearest distributor for product pricing.

What is PA Commander's Warranty?
Click here: Warranty and Technical Support Page for specific information.

What is the availability of PA Commander?
Please contact your local distributor for product availability. If you are unable to locate a product at one of these distributors, please call CCS, Inc. at (262) 522-6500 x35 or via e-mail: sales@ccsinfo.com

Can I use our existing phone system with PA Commander?
Yes! You may use any analog phone line. PA Commander will not work with a digital phone line.
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