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Warranty for Hardware:

1-Year Guarantee:
CCS Guarantees all hardware products for any manufacturing defects within 1-year of purchase date. Defective hardware will be refunded or replaced. Any replacement items will be shipped UPS ground by CCS; if customer requires a different shipping method than aforementioned, customer agrees to pay the difference.

Out of Warranty:
CCS will repair or replace most malfunctioning products (of the same model/revision only) for a fixed price of $45.00. For out of warranty repairs outside of regular malfunctions, a quote will be issued before repair occurs.
  • Customer agrees to pay shipping both ways. This is not included in the fixed price for repair or replacement.
  • If CCS is not able to find a defect, or if only firmware was updated, then the customer will only be charged shipping to return the product.

Did you purchase from a distributor?

Please contact your distributor for repair/replacement options.

For Technical Assistance, please contact CCS Support at support@ccsinfo.com or at (262) 522-6500, x32.
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