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PA Commander is an automatic announcement system that has been designed to be a practical accessory to any PBX or PA System allowing you to communicate automatic messages. Its clever versatility allows it to combine many external triggers with easy programming via a web browser. This makes it ideal for any business environment where information needs to be shared automatically.
PA Commander is a compact and easy to install unit that can be wall-mounted and only requires a standard wall outlet to plug in a wall transformer. In order to make installation even easier, we have supplied you with everything you need to get up and running quickly, including a step-by-step guide for installing and creating message programs effortlessly.

The simplicity of PA Commander is that it uses an ordinary Ethernet connection and a web page that we provide to get the unit set-up. You just enter in some information from your standard browser and you are ready to go. The PA Commander can be programmed with messages for each sensory input or for a specific time. The same web page may also be utilized anywhere in the world to type in an instant announcement that is sent to the unit and announced at its location.
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